Informazioni su Noi

As a little girl, born and growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, like many little girls I dreamt of becoming a ballerina, of becoming a Prima Donna with the National Ballet and travelling the World, I dreamed of dancing as Cinderella on the stage of the Royal Opera House in London, England, inspiring other little girls to follow their dreams for the same.
I followed my dream, from parading around the house wearing my mum’s heels and lipstick, to becoming a ballerina, until sadly my dream was shattered when I was involved in a road accident, my injuries preventing me from pursuing that dream further.
However, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have recovered well from that traumatic event, thanks to the training that my body had been put through over the years, and my fitness and flexibility, a good recovery followed weeks of rehabilitation.
Despite not being able to continue dancing at that same level, I was later able to continue to dance, and to look after my mind and body, through regular participation in yoga and fitness.
I am also grateful to have been given the opportunity to travel, I taught myself English from listening to music and watching movies and I learnt to speak Italian and Danish. My native language, Brazilian Portuguese, made Spanish easy to learn, as they are similar, and I now speak five languages.
I went on to study as a lawyer and I worked as a legal secretary, before becoming disheartened by the industry and leaving the profession. I took the decision to increase my life  experience and to travel to Europe, eventually working and living in Italy and later settling in Denmark.
From childhood, alongside my dream of becoming a ballerina, I also dreamt of having my own brand of fitness fashion, with a concept that inspires every woman to follow her dreams, regardless of her age, with belief, determination, and perseverance.  Lille Pige started when I crocheted my first range of bikinis and beach wear, all handmade by myself to order.
Today’s Lille Pige was born in Copenhagen when I was living in Denmark. The translation is Little Girl.
Lille Pige is not just a brand. Lille Pige represents a lifestyle, and through its DNA brings Beauty, Comfort and Style, so that all women can happily perform the activities they love, free of any prejudice. Lille Pige’s clear purpose is to make women aware that there is no ideal age to dream and to have fun, to remember that health and well-being is the union of mind and body, both must be taken care of through living a healthy active lifestyle, something I have learnt from my own life experiences. 
Our pieces are designed with love and made using only the best fabrics available, bringing you comfort and performance. We put quality first because we believe you deserve nothing but the best.
Now living back in São Paulo, and I continue to dream, to let out my little girl inside, to have fun and to not take life too seriously. May every woman /girl or girl/woman never forget that there is a happy little her, who likes to climb trees, to run in the rain, to go parading around the house wearing her mum’s heels & lipstick.